AuthoredUp for Nonprofits Discount Program


We provide a 30% off to eligible nonprofits. Read this guide to understand eligibility, step-by-step process and other

Is my organization eligible?

To get the discount, you must be a:

Nonprofit or non-governmental organization with recognized legal status in their respective country (equal to 501(c)(3) status under the United States Internal Revenue Code);


Public library that provides general library services without charge to all residents of a given community, district or region.

You are not eligible for a discounted price if you do not meet these criteria.

How do I apply for the Nonprofit discount?

There are the main steps:

Step 1

Contact us via our Support system, briefly describe your organization, and send us a link to the website.

Step 2

We will evaluate your potential eligibility. We may contact you with additional questions or ask for documentation during this process.

Step 3

You will receive an email notifying you if your registration has been approved.

Once your registration is approved, we will send you a coupon code for your organization.

This code will be applied to all future payments. However, if you already made a purchase, we cannot refund it.

Who can use the license?

This license can be used by:

  • Paid employees
  • Unpaid executive staff
  • Volunteers and temporary staff

License Restrictions

Organizations cannot share, transfer, rent, or resell nonprofit licenses or subscriptions.

Organizations with policies that discriminate based on race, colour, sex, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender identity etc. are not eligible for this discount.