Analytics data is different between LinkedIn and AuthoredUp. Why is that?


You may notice a discrepancy between your LinkedIn and AuthoredUp analytics data.

This difference arises due to how AuthoredUp gathers information from LinkedIn.

AuthoredUp mirrors your LinkedIn data and updates the analytics for your LinkedIn posts each time you scroll through them or open them (here's why we do it like this).

In cases where the data from AuthoredUp appears lower than what's shown on LinkedIn, it's likely because LinkedIn has recorded more impressions, reactions, and other interactions since the last time you viewed the post through the LinkedIn feed.

The second reason for the discrepancy relies on the method for calculating weekly, monthly, or annual reports.

AuthoredUp calculates analytics per post, regardless of when the interactions occur, whereas LinkedIn provides daily data. So, if your post receives equal impressions over two days, AuthoredUp combines these, while LinkedIn shows them separately for each day.

That way, some impressions from the previous period can end in the current period of LinkedIn native analytics.

For the most accurate and up-to-date analytics on AuthoredUp, we recommend periodically scrolling through your LinkedIn posts via the link provided on our platform. This way, AuthoredUp can capture all the latest interactions and provide you with a comprehensive view of your LinkedIn activity.