Is AuthoredUp a tool for LinkedIn automation?


AuthoredUp is NOT a LinkedIn automation tool.

Confusion often arises about what constitutes an automation tool, especially on platforms like LinkedIn.

For a detailed explanation of automation tools and LinkedIn notices, please refer to our full article here.

AuthoredUp's stance:

  • AuthoredUp Does NOT Take Your Cookie: We don't take or use your LinkedIn cookie. Your credentials remain secure and private.
  • No Automation of Processes: AuthoredUp doesn't automate any process on LinkedIn. We don't send connection requests or messages or perform any other action in your name.
  • Limitations Due to No-Automation Policy: It's important to note that AuthoredUp cannot provide some features due to our policies.

Here is how you can tell we are serious about this.

In order for AuthoredUp to automate activity, it would need to grab your LinkedIn cookie. This cookie would allow us to talk with LinkedIn in your name, even when you are not on LinkedIn. This is how other tools can automate activity, track who is present on LinkedIn, or grab hour-by-hour stats of your posts.

In order to grab the cookie, an extension needs to declare the cookie permission in its "manifest". This declaration is enforced by both Chrome browser and the Chrome extension store, and can't be avoided. Without the cookie permission, LinkedIn cookie is invisible to any extension.

AuthoredUp does not declare the cookie permission.

So even if we wanted to "steal" your cookie, and potentially endanger your account, we couldn't. You remain in control.

You can verify this yourself by using a tool such as Browser Extension Safety Check.

Here is how it looks when an extension declares a cookie permission:

And here is AuthoredUp's minimal declaration. As you can see, no cookie.

If you wish to install the safety check extension and check this yourself, please note that we are not affiliated with this extension in any way, and can not vouch for its accuracy or safety.

Alternatively, follow this guide to see permissions in Chrome:

We are committed to enhancing your LinkedIn experience without crossing the lines drawn by LinkedIn's policies.

If you have any questions or concerns or need further clarification, please don't hesitate to contact us. Your trust and satisfaction are our top priorities.