Why do I have to manually collect my data? Why can't you automate?


To get your data into AuthoredUp, we ask that you manually collect your posts. You might also notice that post stats (number of views, likes, etc.) can sometimes get out of date. However, if you revisit the post on LinkedIn, the stats get immediately updated.

The reason behind this is that AuthoredUp doesn't automatically update your collected data. We can only mirror the stats when you yourself see the post on LinkedIn while the extension is active. If you don't see your posts, we don't see them either.

So why wouldn't we automate this?

LinkedIn has recently intensified their efforts at combating automation bots and scraping. More and more users are receiving the infamous "Important notice from LinkedIn", even when performing entirely manual activities.

To keep our customers safe, we have adopted the policy of never taking your cookie and never automating any activity without your consent. This conservative approach means we might not always have the freshest data about your posts. But it keeps your account maximally safe and compliant with LinkedIn's terms of service.

We also contend that most posts on LinkedIn have a lifetime of a few days, up to a week. During this period of activity, you will naturally want to revisit your posts and interact with your commenters. As the post scrolls down peoples' feeds, there is less of a reason for you to revisit it, but also less of a reason to update the stats. So your numbers will always end up within 5-10 percent of the actual numbers, which we think is good enough for most use cases.