How to use AuthoredUp for employee advocacy?


AuthoredUp is a powerful platform that empowers organizations to harness the potential of employee advocacy. By leveraging the authentic voices of your employees, you can significantly boost your company's brand, increase visibility, and build relationships with your audience.

What is employee advocacy?

Employee advocacy involves employees sharing content on their social media accounts to increase brand awareness. However, it’s not about robotic posting or forcing employees to promote the brand. Instead, it’s about building a genuine relationship between employees and the company’s brand. When employees share content sincerely and authentically, the impact on brand perception is remarkable.

Benefits of employee advocacy

  • Amplified reach: Employees serve as powerful brand advocates, leveraging their personal and professional networks to amplify the reach of your content.
  • Increased credibility: Content shared by employees often carries more weight than corporate messaging. When employees share industry-related insights, it enhances the organization’s credibility.
  • Employee engagement: Involving employees in content creation and sharing fosters a sense of belonging and engagement.
  • Talent attraction: Potential hires research a company’s online presence. Seeing engaged and passionate employees can be a compelling factor in their decision-making process.

Using AuthoredUp for employee advocacy

  • Purchase a Business plan: To fully utilize AuthoredUp for employee advocacy, acquiring a business plan is essential. This plan provides access to advanced features suitable for team collaboration and analytics.
  • Team collaboration on drafts: AuthoredUp allows team members to collaborate on content drafts. This feature ensures that the messaging is consistent and aligns with the brand’s voice.
  • Shared analytics: With shared analytics, teams can track the performance of shared content, gain insights into engagement metrics, and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Guided content sharing: AuthoredUp can guide employees on best practices for sharing content, such as optimal posting times and effective engagement techniques (coming soon).

AuthoredUp simplifies the content creation process for employee advocacy right within LinkedIn. By fostering genuine connections and empowering employees, you can elevate your brand’s visibility and credibility. So, let’s get started with AuthoredUp and unlock the full potential of employee advocacy!

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