Who is Business Plan for? How it works? What do I pay for?


Business Plan is designed for companies or marketing agencies that manage multiple LinkedIn profiles.

The plan's flexibility serves two primary scenarios:

1) Team Management

If you have team members who each need to manage their individual LinkedIn profiles, you can allocate one profile per team member.

Each team member will have access to their own data and features but won't be able to see or manage others' profiles.

Let's assume you both have a Business Plan with 5 slots, and you want to manage your account and give each colleague to manage theirs. This is what you would do:

Name Role (Admin/Manager/Member) Allocation of Profiles
Your name Admin (you become automatically) All that is not assigned to others
Team Member 1 Manager 1
Team Member 2 Member 1
Team Member 3 Member 1
Team Member 4 Member 1

2) Multi-Profile Management

If you're a social media manager or agency handling LinkedIn profiles for multiple clients, the Business Plan allows you to connect and manage multiple profiles yourself.

You can assign multiple profiles to a single team member (e.g., a social media manager), and they can manage those profiles, having full access to all AuthoredUp features, such as posting, scheduling, analytics, etc.

For example, if you are a social media manager managing your profile and you have five clients, you'll need a business plan with 6 connected profiles:

Name Role Do you plan to manage your profile? Yes = 1, No = 0 Allocation of Client Profiles Profiles You Need
Your name Admin (you become automatically) 1 5 6

Here is an example of an agency with three people managing their and client profiles:

Name Role Do you plan to manage your profile? Yes = 1, No = 0 Allocation of Client Profiles Profiles You Need per Person
Your name Admin (you become automatically) 0 5 5
Team Member 1 Member/Manager/Admin 1 3 4
Team Member 2 Member 1 2 3
Total Number of Profiles: 12

In this example, you would need to buy 5 + 4 + 3 profiles, so a Business Plan with 12 Profiles.

What do I pay for?

The business Plan price is based on the number of connected personal LinkedIn profiles. You do not pay for managing company pages.

What Exactly is a "Connected Profile"?

At AuthoredUp, when we talk about "connected profiles", we're referring to allocations for individual LinkedIn profiles.

Each connected profile has access to all AuthoredUp features (as a Chrome extension and platform), can use an editor, save drafts, collect content analytics, schedule and publish posts, etc.

Allocation and Flexibility

Here is the flexibility you have with a business license:

  • Members are not obligated to be linked to the same company or organization.
  • Any LinkedIn profile can be allocated a seat, be it team members, friends, clients, etc.
  • The admin (or purchaser) can invite individuals to occupy a seat and also has the authority to revoke their access when needed.

A gentle reminder: to maintain fairness and quality, switching or re-assigning LinkedIn profiles is limited to a few times a month.

Understanding the Pricing Breakdown

Our team pricing is directly related to the number of people with LinkedIn accounts you acquire:

  • We focus our charges on LinkedIn personal profiles; company pages are not charged.
  • The minimum purchase for the team variant is three profiles, ensuring you have a foundational team setup.
  • There's no cap! Purchase as many profiles as your team requires or agency needs.
  • Admins and Managers: We do not charge for admins and managers. They get access to management without occupying a paid profile.

Use cases that we do not support right now

At this stage, we do not support:

  1. Having two people from the team managing one LinkedIn profile. We have a rule:

One LinkedIn profile = One AuthoredUp user.

So, you cannot connect the same profile to two AuthoredUp users.

  1. You cannot manage client accounts without having their email and password (being able to log in to their LinkedIn account).

  2. Have both you and your client access AuthoredUp for their profile. If you connected your clients' profile to your AuthoredUp user, you cannot give them access to AuthoredUp. If they get the license and try to connect the profile, they will see the notification "profile already connected".


AuthoredUp's team pricing is designed to cater to your needs, from small collectives to expansive teams. Any uncertainties or questions?

Our support team is always eager to assist.

Happy content creation!