What content types (image, PDF, video...) do you support as post attachments?


The level of support for various LinkedIn post types (what we sometimes call "attachments") depends on how you're currently using AuthoredUp.

Full support

We fully support the following LinkedIn post types:

These post types will work whatever AuthoredUp feature you use, on whatever app (LinkedIn extension, desktop, mobile...).

The one caveat is that we have no way to share a post image with LinkedIn in the mobile mode. You will have to set up the image separately.

Partial support

In addition to the above, we also partially support:

  • Videos
  • Polls
  • Events
  • Job posts
  • Reshare / repost

These post types are supported when you're writing a post using AuthoredUp extension directly on LinkedIn, in the blue mode.

The attachments will not be preserved when:

  • you're writing a post in the LinkedIn extension, but using the green mode.
  • you're writing a post on the platform
  • you're saving or loading a draft
  • you're reusing posts

Note that you can still work with text portions of these posts. You will just have to upload the attachment separately before you post.

We are working on adding full support to more post types. You can follow the progress on our roadmap.